Welcome to Advanced Control Laboratory

The Advanced Control Laboratory is a research unit in advanced control systems designed to develop innovative control laws. It was created by the ministerial decree of  the 3rd (Third) of April 2013. These activities are led by four research teams composed of 25 researchers.

The laboratory's expertise extends over a wide range of topics within the scope of advanced control, where its objectives can be summarized as follows: Development of mathematical optimization tools to ensure more accurate models. Synthesis, implementation and realization of robust controllers. Robustification of a class of standard controllers to increase the robustness margin. Development of more accurate models based on fractional order differential equations. Development and synthesis of control laws for fractional systems.

Among the objectives also targeted by the advanced control laboratory, the training of young researchers, the valorization of the work carried out within the research teams, the scientific diffusion, the transfer of technologies towards the industry.

In the scientific activity plan, three (03) CNEPRU-program research projects and  three (03) PRFU-program ones are registered in the laboratory .

The laboratory organized an internal working day on advanced control, and an international workshop on advanced control "International Workshop on Advanced Control (IWAC 2014)" on 3-4 November 2014.

Laboratory head

Pr. Djalil Boudjehem

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