Scientific research objectives and  Technological developpement :


The laboratory's expertise extends over a wide range of topics within the scope of advanced control, where its objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Act as a specialized research and development unit for advanced control systems.
  • Develop human resources in advanced technologies ie. identification techniques, advanced control of integer and non-integer order systems.
  • Development of mathematical optimization tools to provide more accurate models.
  • Synthesis of robust controllers able to ensure better performance.
  • Implementation and realization of control sequences on industrial processes.
  • Robustification of a class of standard controllers to increase the robustness margin.
  • Extend all control techniques of single-variable systems on multi-dimensional systems.
  • Discover mathematical notions using non-integer order.
  • Develop more accurate models based on fractional order differential equations.
  • Develop control laws for fractional systems.
  • Synthesize fractional controllers by advanced control techniques.
  • Realize and implement fractional order controllers.
  • Develop new heuristic methods for complex dynamic image analysis.
  • Realize artificial visual brains in order to use it for the realization of an autonomous control system.
  • Provide a test bed for prototyping and the production of new technologies.
  • Establish a technology transfer mechanism for local control industries.
  • Contribute to world-class research and establish international relations with similar laboratories around the world.

In addition, among the objectives targeted by our Advanced Control Laboratory project, we can mention:

  •   training by researching doctoral students and masters
  •   the valorization of the works carried out within the research teams
  •   scientific diffusion
  •   technology transfer to industry.

The laboratory we will also ensure the development of quality scientific research that takes into account guidelines, national needs and universal incentives and concerns.


Implemented Themes :


The laboratory main research topics are:

  1. Development and improvement of meta heuristic and stochastic optimization methods such as PSO, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms ...
  2. Modeling of complex single or multi-variable systems to prepare them for the control stage.
  3. The identification of model parameters or controller parameters of integer and non-integer order.
  4. Improved control techniques of multi-variable systems such as optimal control methods, robust control, H inf ...
  5. Predictive control of industrial processes.
  6. Robust adaptive control of wind turbines (renewable energy field)
  7. Design and realization of non-integer order models to describe the real dynamics of physical systems (fractional behavior)
  8. Design and realization of fractional Controllers
  9. Control the processes;
  10. Transmission of information extracted from images.
  11. Research and development of new heuristic methods for complex dynamic image analysis.
  12. Detection of different events
  13. Interact (eg, as triggering agent for positioning equipment)
  14. The realization of artificial visual brains in order to be used for the realization of an autonomous control system.