Fractional Order systems (SOF)

Team Head: Pr. Boudjehem Badreddine

Team Members

2 Mr. KAFI Abdelghani PHD Student Membre
3 Mr. MAACHE Kheirddine PhD Student Member
4 Mr. KHOULED Charif PhD Student Member
5 Mr. LAIFA Sami PhD Student Member
6 Mr. MAKHBOUCHE Adel PhD Student Member

1. Objectives

Fractional order systems are systems decried by differential equations or its derivatives are fractional (not integer). Recently, advanced research in the field of advanced control is oriented towards the use of fractional systems to improve the performance of the control loop, the latter gives rise to the birth of non-integer controllers more robust one than the others.

The study objects of this team focus on the non-integral derivation as an operator and modeling tool. The application of this last one in control of the systems introduces a new axis of research in the advanced sciences, in particular in identification by a model of order non integer and in robust control through the command CRONE (Robust Order Order Not Integer) .

In addition, our team is interested in:

  • The study and analysis of fractional order systems.
  • Fractional controllers (fractional PI and PID).
  • Improved methods of approximation.
  • Propose new techniques for adjusting the parameters of a model or a controller.
  • Control of dynamic systems including electrical machines by fractional controllers.

2. Scientific foundations

The proposed work topics are as follows:

1- Develop more accurate models based on fractional order differential equations.

2- Parameter Settings of PI, PD, PID Controllers

3- Design other types of fractional order controllers

4- Develop control laws for fractional systems.

5- Propose control laws by fractional return.

6- Predictive and adaptive control with fractional reference model.

7- Approximation and implementation of fractional order systems.

8- Applications to different types of real systems.

Keywords: Fractional order differential equations, fractional order controllers, fractional order systems.

Scientific Production of SOF