Scientific Projects of (SC)

Research Projects ( Program PRFU)

Project 01:

Stabilization and control of systems with chaotic and hypercaotic behavior using fractional calculus.

Projet head: Pr. Boudjehem Djalil

Project number: A01L08UN240120180002     Starts from January, 1st 2018

Project Team:

1- Pr. Boudjehem Djalil

2- Pr. Ellaggoune Fateh

3- Dr. Bouattia Yssine

4- Mr. Kafi Abdelghani

5- Mr. Mecheri Belgacem

6- Mr. Herrisi Belgacem

Abstract:  In this project, we try to stabilize and control chaotic and hyper-chaotic behavioral systems based on the use of fractional computing. In practice, chaotic systems are often stabilized with methods that suffer from weakness in the presence of disturbances and noises. From physical principles, it is also often difficult or impossible to find a controller that is insensitive to noise in the control of systems with chaotic behavior due to the high sensitivity of these systems. The answer to this question lies in the use of fractional derivative controllers.
The particular interest of the research carried out by this project lies in the application of the techniques that are associated with fractional computing for the control and stabilization of chaotic and hyper-chaotic systems.

Advanced Control Laboratory (LabCAV)Université de Guelma.

Projet 02

Modélisation et commande des processus industriels basée sur les méthodes d’optimisation méta-heuristiques.

Projet head: Pr. Boudjehem Djalil

Project number: J0201520130024

Agreemented for 4 years from January, 1st 2014 (Project Acheived-Positif)

Advanced Control Laboratory (LabCAV)Université de Guelma.