Scientific Projects of AV

Research Projects ( Program PRFU)

Project 01:

Title: Development of efficient biomedical signal compression algorithms by transformation methods: application to telemedicine

Projet head: Dr. Abed Djamel

Project number: A10N01UN240120180004    Starts from January, 1st 2018

Project Team:

1- Pr. Abed Djamel

2- Dr. Boukaache Abdelnour

3- Dr. Tifouti Issam

3- Dr. Mehallel Elhadi

4- Miss Amara Korba Karima

Absract: This project aims to use discrete transform methods for compression of biomedical signals in telemedicine applications by ensuring progressive quality transmission with simple control of compression ratio and quality. Several points will be studied for possible improvements, for example:
1- Development and improvement of biomedical signal compression methods using hybrid transforms.
2- The use of progressive coding methods for the quality control of compressed signals.
3- Reduced distortion of signals transmitted using adaptive equalization methods.
4- The optimization of adaptive equalizers by intelligent algorithms.

Advanced Control Laboratory (LabCAV), Université de Guelma.