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International Publications

  1. Boukaache, Abdelnour, Noureddine Doghmane, and Boudjehem Djalil . "New Spiht-Based Algorithm for Electrocardiogram Signal Compression." Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 18, 08 (2019) 1-9.

  2. Medjouri, A., Abed, D. and Becer, Z., . Numerical investigation of a broadband coherent supercontinuum generation in Ga8Sb32S60 chalcogenide photonic crystal fiber with all-normal dispersion. Opto-Electronics Review27(1), pp.1-9.(2019)

  3. Bouchemel, Ammar, Djamel Abed, and Abdelkrim Moussaoui. "Enhancement of Compressed Image Transmission in WMSNs Using Modified μ-Nonlinear Transformation." IEEE Communications Letters (2018).

  4. Mehallel, Elhadi, Djamel Abed, Abdelhani Boukrouche, and Abdelkader Medjouri. "PAPR reduction in ECMA‐368 UWB communication systems using parametric discrete sliding norm transform." International Journal of Communication Systems 31, no. 17 (2018): e3804.

  5. Medjouri, Abdelkader, Djamel Abed, Omar Ziane, and Lotfy Mokhtar Simohamed. "Design and optimization of As2S5 chalcogenide channel waveguide for coherent mid-infrared supercontinuum generation." Optik 154 (2018): 811-820.

  6. TIFOUTI Issam, MOUSSAOUI Abdelkrim, GHADJATI Mohamed, "Speckle Noise Reduction And Quality Enhancement of Images Using Different Filters", International Journal of Imaging and Robotics2018, 18(4), 119-154

  7. Medjouri, Abdelkader, El-Bachir Meraghni, Hadjer Hathroubi, Djamel Abed, Lotfy Mokhtar Simohamed, and Omar Ziane. "Design of ZBLAN photonic crystal fiber with nearly zero ultra-flattened chromatic dispersion for supercontinuum generation." Optik 135 (2017): 417-425.

International Conferences 

  1. Tifouti Issam, Saidani Samir, Ghadjati Mohamed, Moussaoui Abdelkrim and Meriane Brahim, Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Imagery Using Several Adaptive Filters, 3 rd International Conference on Signal, Image, Vision and their Applications (SIVA’15), 23-25 November 2015, Guelma, Algeria.

  2. Saidani Samir, Tifouti Issam, Ghadjati Mohamed and Moussaoui Abdelkrim, Training Artificial Neural Networks with fast Adaptive Algorithms for Channel Equalization, International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems(PAIS-2015), 26-27 October 2015, Tebessa, Algeria.

  3. Tifouti Issam, Saidani Samir, Ghadjati Mohamed, Moussaoui Abdelkrim and Meriane Brahim, Imaging Algorithm For Synthetic Aperture Radar, International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems(PAIS-2015), 26-27 October 2015, Tebessa, Algeria.

  4. Issam Tifouti , Mohamed Ghadjati , Samir Saidani, Abdelkrim Moussaoui and Meriane Brahim, SAR IMAGE FORMATION PROCESS WITH RANGE DOPPLER ALGORITHM, Conférence Internationale sur les Télécommunications et les TIC(ICTTelecom-2015), 16-17 Mai 2015, Oran, Algeria.

  5. Ghadjati Mohamed, Saidani Samir and Tifouti Issam, Images Fusion Using DWT and PCA, 3 rd International Conference on Signal, Image, Vision and their Applications (SIVA’15), 23-25 November 2015, Guelma, Algeria.

  6. Samir Saidani, Abdelkrim Moussaoui, Mohamed Ghadjati et Isam Tifouti, Channel equalization with artificial neural network, Proceeding of the 1st International conference on applied automation and industriel diagnostics ICAAID2015,  March 29-30th, 2015 Djelfa, Algeria.

  7. Boukaache Abdenour and Noureddine Doghmane. "An Image Compression Algorithm Using the Bloc-Based Sub band DCT and Wavelet Transform with the Improved SPIHT Coder." International International Workshop on Advanced Control, IWAC2014 3-4 Nov 2014, Guelma. Algérie.  

 National Conferences

    1. Tifouti Issam , Contribution au filtrage adaptatif du chatoiement dans les images radar SAR planimétrique., 1er Journée sur le Contrôle Avancé, Samedi 12 février 2014.


Number of finished PHD theses: 02.

Number of Masters formed in the team : 06.